${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 A 3D object encryption scheme which maintains dimensional and spatial stability Wed 27 Mar 2019 14:06:10 AEDT ]]> On the security of permutation-only image encryption schemes Wed 27 Mar 2019 14:05:36 AEDT ]]> The role of interoperable data standards in precision livestock farming in extensive livestock systems : A review Wed 27 Mar 2019 14:04:19 AEDT ]]> Softmax exploration strategies for multiobjective reinforcement learning Wed 25 Oct 2017 09:47:26 AEDT ]]> Steering approaches to Pareto-optimal multiobjective reinforcement learning Wed 25 Oct 2017 09:35:12 AEDT ]]> 3D Finite element modeling of circular reinforced concrete columns confined with FRP using a plasticity based formulation Wed 24 Apr 2019 15:09:25 AEST ]]> Paclitaxel-loaded self-assembled lipid nanoparticles as targeted drug delivery systems for the treatment of aggressive ovarian cancer Wed 24 Apr 2019 15:09:08 AEST ]]> Development of flexible haptic forceps based on the electrohydraulic transmission system Wed 24 Apr 2019 15:08:59 AEST ]]> Reliability analysis of shear strength parameters of rock mass derived using the Hoek-Brown criterion Wed 23 Jan 2019 14:56:28 AEDT ]]> Technical evaluation of post-combustion CO2 capture and hydrogen production industrial symbiosis Wed 14 Nov 2018 14:47:33 AEDT ]]> Comparison of sample preparation methods for the GC–MS analysis of monoethanolamine (MEA) degradation products generated during post-combustion capture of CO2 Wed 13 Mar 2019 14:05:03 AEDT ]]> Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to precipitation, evaporation and temperature using a key station approach Wed 13 Mar 2019 12:09:17 AEDT ]]> A novel motion classification based intermode selection strategy for HEVC performance improvement Wed 13 Mar 2019 09:32:12 AEDT ]]> Rehabilitation will increase the 'capacity' of your.... -insert musculoskeletal tissue here..... Defining 'tissue capacity': A core concept for clinicians Wed 13 Mar 2019 09:28:56 AEDT ]]> A technology review for regeneration of sulfur rich amine systems Wed 12 Dec 2018 14:31:09 AEDT ]]> On topology optimization and canonical duality method Wed 12 Dec 2018 14:28:59 AEDT ]]> Adaptive weighted non-parametric background model for efficient video coding Wed 12 Dec 2018 12:18:35 AEDT ]]> Infographic : We have the programme, what next? Developing a plan of action to implement injury prevention exercise programmes in community sport Wed 12 Dec 2018 11:37:06 AEDT ]]> Visual perceptual and handwriting skills in children with developmental coordination disorder Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:26:22 AEDT ]]> Discrete state transition algorithm for unconstrained integer optimization problems Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:25:22 AEDT ]]> A machine vision based automatic optical inspection system for measuring drilling quality of printed circuit boards Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:24:49 AEDT ]]> A comprehensive spectrum trading scheme based on market competition, reputation and buyer specific requirements Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:21:46 AEDT ]]> Tendon neuroplastic training : Changing the way we think about tendon rehabilitation : A narrative review Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:15:03 AEDT ]]> The impact of handwriting difficulties on compositional quality in children with developmental coordination disorder Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:09:40 AEDT ]]> Data-Driven System Reliability and Failure Behavior Modeling Using FMECA Wed 08 Nov 2017 06:57:28 AEDT ]]> Injuries impair the chance of successful performance by sportspeople : A systematic review Tue 31 Oct 2017 14:05:50 AEDT ]]> The influence of thiamine and riboflavin on various spoilage microorganisms commonly found in beer Tue 30 May 2017 14:14:54 AEST ]]> Dependable large scale behavioral patterns mining from sensor data using Hadoop platform Tue 28 Aug 2018 15:47:12 AEST ]]> Use of stochastic XFEM in the investigation of heterogeneity effects on the tensile strength of intermediate geotechnical materials Tue 24 Apr 2018 14:08:12 AEST ]]> Towards the reduction of injury and illness in athletes : Defining our research priorities Tue 23 Oct 2018 12:00:13 AEDT ]]> 'VisionZero': Is it achievable for rugby-related catastrophic injuries in South Africa? Tue 23 Oct 2018 11:25:03 AEDT ]]> Data analytics identify glycated haemoglobin co-markers for type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnosis Tue 20 Mar 2018 11:00:13 AEDT ]]> Body mass index is negatively associated with telomere length : A collaborative cross-sectional meta-analysis of 87 observational studies 75 y), sex, and ethnicity. Results: Each unit increase in BMI corresponded to a-3.99 bp (95% CI: -5.17, -2.81 bp) difference in TL in the total pooled sample; among young adults, each unit increase in BMI corresponded to a -7.67 bp (95% CI:-10.03,-5.31 bp) difference. Each unit increase in BMI corresponded to a -1.58 × 10-3 unit T/S ratio (0.16% decrease; 95% CI: -2.14 × 10-3, -1.01 × 10-3) difference in ageand sex-adjusted relative TL in the total pooled sample; among young adults, each unit increase in BMI corresponded to a -2.58 × 10-3 unit T/S ratio (0.26% decrease; 95% CI: -3.92 × 10-3, -1.25 × 10-3). The associations were predominantly for the white pooled population. No sex differences were observed. Conclusions: A higher BMI is associated with shorter telomeres, especially in younger individuals. The presently observed difference is not negligible. Meta-analyses of longitudinal studies evaluating change in body weight alongside change in TL arewarranted.]]> Tue 12 Feb 2019 13:15:32 AEDT ]]> Effectiveness of online tailored advice to prevent running-related injuries and promote preventive behaviour in Dutch trail runners : A pragmatic randomised controlled trial Tue 12 Feb 2019 12:40:51 AEDT ]]> Development of flexible haptic forceps based on the electrohydraulic transmission system Tue 12 Feb 2019 11:35:02 AEDT ]]> A new reliability analysis method based on the conjugate gradient direction Tue 12 Dec 2017 16:16:12 AEDT ]]> Is subsequent lower limb injury associated with previous injury? A systematic review and meta-analysis Tue 08 May 2018 10:09:17 AEST ]]> Modelling optimal warranty price for lifetime policies taking into account the uncertainties in life measures Tue 08 May 2018 10:02:20 AEST ]]> What is the definition of sports-related concussion : A systematic review Tue 08 May 2018 09:25:59 AEST ]]> The Berlin 2016 process : A summary of methodology for the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport Tue 08 Aug 2017 15:53:27 AEST ]]> Non-functional regression : A new challenge for neural networks Tue 07 May 2019 14:54:29 AEST ]]> Increasing compliance with neuromuscular training to prevent ankle sprain in sport : Does the 'Strengthen your ankle' mobile App make a difference? A randomised controlled trial Tue 07 Mar 2017 09:37:52 AEDT ]]> Artificial neural network modeling and sensitivity analysis of performance and emissions in a compression ignition engine using biodiesel fuel Tue 06 Nov 2018 13:05:07 AEDT ]]> A novel scaled boundary finite element formulation with stabilization and its application to image-based elastoplastic analysis Tue 06 Nov 2018 12:45:58 AEDT ]]> Sports-related workload and injury risk : Simply knowing the risks will not prevent injuries : Narrative review Tue 02 Oct 2018 11:21:54 AEST ]]> SBFEM for fracture analysis of piezoelectric composites under thermal load Tue 02 May 2017 15:10:07 AEST ]]> Protecting the health of the @hlete : how online technology may aid our common goal to prevent injury and illness in sport Thu 31 May 2018 16:41:57 AEST ]]> International consensus statement on injury surveillance in cricket : A 2016 update Thu 23 Mar 2017 12:01:01 AEDT ]]> Construction of high-order complete scaled boundary shape functions over arbitrary polygons with bubble functions Thu 23 Mar 2017 11:59:03 AEDT ]]> Characterizations of minimal elements of topical functions on semimodules with applications Thu 21 Sep 2017 13:40:41 AEST ]]> Flexible operation of CSIRO's post-combustion CO2 capture pilot plant at the AGL Loy Yang power station Thu 20 Dec 2018 16:25:29 AEDT ]]> Improved method to obtain the online impulse frequency response signature of a power transformer by multi scale complex CWT Thu 18 Apr 2019 14:49:52 AEST ]]> Detection of power transformer winding deformation using improved FRA based on binary morphology and extreme point variation Thu 18 Apr 2019 14:38:39 AEST ]]> Time-delay analysis of wide area voltage control considering smart grid contingences in real-time environment Thu 18 Apr 2019 12:00:49 AEST ]]> Time-to-event analysis for sports injury research part 2 : Time-varying outcomes Thu 14 Mar 2019 14:44:07 AEDT ]]> Time-to-event analysis for sports injury research part 1 : Time-varying exposures Thu 14 Mar 2019 14:43:52 AEDT ]]> A new modified FMEA model for ranking the risk of maintenance waste considering hierarchy of root causes and effects Thu 14 Dec 2017 14:46:12 AEDT ]]> A lateral strain plasticity model for FRP confined concrete Thu 14 Dec 2017 11:16:14 AEDT ]]> Reconstruction of head impacts in FIS World Cup alpine skiing Thu 13 Dec 2018 12:31:09 AEDT ]]> Abrasion testing on synthetic turf : A modified device Thu 09 Mar 2017 10:33:55 AEDT ]]> A knowledge transfer scheme to bridge the gap between science and practice: An integration of existing research frameworks into a tool for practice Thu 09 Aug 2018 13:33:00 AEST ]]> Numerical estimation of stress intensity factors in cracked functionally graded piezoelectric materials - a scaled boundary finite element approach Thu 08 Nov 2018 14:50:01 AEDT ]]> Evaluation of methods for monitoring MEA degradation during pilot scale post-combustion capture of CO Thu 05 Apr 2018 10:10:12 AEST ]]> Notes on feasibility and optimality conditions of small-scale multifunction robotic cell scheduling problems with pickup restrictions Mon 27 Feb 2017 10:11:39 AEDT ]]> Efficient video coding using visual sensitive information for HEVC coding standard Mon 25 Mar 2019 14:45:03 AEDT ]]> Competing with injuries : Injuries prior to and during the 15th FINA World Championships 2013 (aquatics) Mon 24 Sep 2018 16:34:09 AEST ]]> A fast scalable implementation of the two-dimensional triangular discrete element Method on a GPU platform Mon 18 Mar 2019 12:02:36 AEDT ]]> A DEM investigation on simple shear behavior of dense granular assemblies Mon 16 Jan 2017 23:10:00 AEDT ]]> Stable isotopes as indicators of water and salinity sources in a southeast Australian coastal wetland: Identifying relict marine water, and implications for future change Mon 16 Jan 2017 21:59:21 AEDT ]]> Modular implementation of artificial neural network in predicting in-flight particle characteristics of an atmospheric plasma spray process Mon 16 Jan 2017 21:48:01 AEDT ]]> Effect of physicochemical properties on freezing suitability of Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) root Mon 16 Jan 2017 21:20:36 AEDT ]]> Vitamins in brewing : Effects of post-fermentation treatments and exposure and maturation on the thiamine and riboflavin vitamer content of beer Mon 16 Jan 2017 16:32:53 AEDT ]]> Virtual and smoothed finite elements : A connection and its application to polygonal/polyhedral finite element methods Mon 16 Jan 2017 15:23:27 AEDT ]]> Research trends in selected blanching pretreatments and quick freezing technologies as applied in fruits and vegetables : A review Mon 16 Jan 2017 15:10:59 AEDT ]]> Caution this drug may cause serious harm! why we must report adverse effects of physical activity promotion Mon 16 Jan 2017 13:51:16 AEDT ]]> Effects of different freezing methods on the quality and microstructure of lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) root 0.05) of vitamin C content was observed between the ABF and IF products, while significant difference (p < 0.05) of vitamin C was observed between UIF and ABF/IF products. ABF caused the largest destruction to the tissue, while the microstructure of the UIF products was the best preserved. It is concluded that UIF processing was a better freezing method for lotus root with improved quality and less damaged microstructure than the two other methods. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd and IIR.]]> Mon 16 Jan 2017 12:39:04 AEDT ]]> Effects of exercise and manual therapy on pain associated with hip osteoarthritis : A systematic review and meta-analysis 12 months=long term), and standardised mean differences (SMD) with 95% CIs were used to establish intervention effect sizes. Study quality was assessed using modified PEDro scores. Results: 19 trials were included. Four studies showed short-term benefits favouring water-based exercise over minimal control using the WOMAC pain subscale (SMD -0.53, 95% CI -0.96 to -0.10). Six studies supported a short-term benefit of land-based exercise compared to minimal control on VAS assessed pain (SMD -0.49, 95% CI -0.70 to -0.29). There were no medium (SMD -0.23, 95% CI -0.48 to 0.03) or long (SMD -0.22, 95% CI -0.51 to 0.06) term benefits of exercise therapy, or benefit of combining exercise therapy with manual therapy (SMD -0.38, 95% CI -0.88 to 0.13) when compared to minimal control. Conclusions: Best available evidence indicates that exercise therapy (whether land-based or water-based) is more effective than minimal control in managing pain associated with hip OA in the short term. Larger highquality RCTs are needed to establish the effectiveness of exercise and manual therapies in the medium and long term.]]> Mon 16 Jan 2017 12:23:48 AEDT ]]> Optimal design of water distribution networks by a discrete state transition algorithm Mon 16 Jan 2017 10:48:49 AEDT ]]> A novel concept for three-phase cascaded multilevel inverter topologies Mon 15 Apr 2019 14:36:52 AEST ]]> A new cascaded multilevel inverter topology with galvanic isolation Mon 15 Apr 2019 14:08:57 AEST ]]> Design and analysis of nano-structured gratings for conversion efficiency improvement in GaAs solar cells Mon 15 Apr 2019 12:44:58 AEST ]]> Structural behaviour of an Australian silty clay (Coode Island silt) stabilised by treatment with slag lime Mon 11 Feb 2019 14:35:08 AEDT ]]> Effects of recycled aggregate growth substrate on green roof vegetation development: A six year experiment Mon 10 Dec 2018 16:03:47 AEDT ]]> It will take more than an existing exercise programme to prevent injury Mon 06 Aug 2018 14:45:30 AEST ]]> Head impact velocities in FIS World Cup snowboarders and freestyle skiers : Do real-life impacts exceed helmet testing standards? Mon 04 Jun 2018 14:15:26 AEST ]]> Head injury mechanisms in FIS World Cup alpine and freestyle skiers and snowboarders Mon 04 Jun 2018 14:14:45 AEST ]]> Vibration spectrum imaging : A novel bearing fault classification approach Fri 27 Jan 2017 16:39:55 AEDT ]]> Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) questionnaires for young to middle-aged adults with hip and groin disability : A systematic review of the clinimetric evidence Fri 17 Feb 2017 15:02:13 AEDT ]]> Considerations for the performance requirements and technical specifications of soft-shell padded headgear Fri 17 Feb 2017 12:48:01 AEDT ]]> The new concussion in sport guidelines are here. But how do we get them out there? Fri 17 Aug 2018 16:42:40 AEST ]]> Prevalence of illness, poor mental health and sleep quality and low energy availability prior to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Fri 17 Aug 2018 16:42:07 AEST ]]> Back to basics with some new tools : First ensure the safety of sporting environments Fri 17 Aug 2018 16:41:33 AEST ]]> A call to capture fatalities in consensus statements for sports injury/illness surveillance Fri 17 Aug 2018 16:39:14 AEST ]]> Continuous patient monitoring with a patient centric agent : A block architecture Fri 09 Nov 2018 10:37:07 AEDT ]]> The impact performance of headguards for combat sports Fri 08 Mar 2019 16:44:50 AEDT ]]> Boxing headguard performance in punch machine tests Fri 08 Mar 2019 16:14:57 AEDT ]]> Electrokinetics to modify strength characteristics of soft clayey soils : A laboratory based investigation Fri 08 Mar 2019 16:11:24 AEDT ]]> 2D dynamic analysis of cracks and interface cracks in piezoelectric composites using the SBFEM Fri 07 Sep 2018 16:46:33 AEST ]]> But can someone like me do it? The importance of appropriate role modelling for safety behaviours in sports injury prevention Fri 02 Nov 2018 14:22:09 AEDT ]]> Whose research agenda is it? Reconciling the views of researchers and sports stakeholders Fri 02 Nov 2018 14:15:08 AEDT ]]>