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Results: The rates of both any and regular PA participation increased as SES increased and decreased as remoteness increased. However, participation in PA was SES-or remoteness-prohibitive for only a few types of PA. As remoteness increased and SES decreased, participation in many team sports actually increased. For both SES and remoteness, there were more significant associations with overall participation, than with regular participation or participation in more organised contexts. Conclusions: This study demonstrates the complexity of the associations between SES and location across different contexts of participation. Nevertheless, it seems that once initial engagement in PA is established, SES and remoteness are not critical determinants of the depth of engagement.]]> Tue 21 Apr 2020 11:32:18 AEST ]]> Participation in sport and physical activity : associations with socio-economic status and geographical remoteness Tue 21 Apr 2020 11:31:45 AEST ]]> A systematic review of the psychological and social benefits of participation in sport for children and adolescents: Informing development of a conceptual model of health through sport Tue 21 Apr 2020 11:28:57 AEST ]]> Effectiveness of a school-community linked program on physical activity levels and health-related quality of life for adolescent girls Tue 21 Apr 2020 11:26:33 AEST ]]> Linking secondary school physical education with community sport and recreation for girls: A process evaluation Tue 21 Apr 2020 11:26:05 AEST ]]> Assessment and monitoring practices of Australian fitness professionals Tue 19 Jun 2018 14:31:25 AEST ]]> Dose-response of women's health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and life satisfaction to physical activity Tue 17 Mar 2020 14:12:39 AEDT ]]> Associations between behavior regulation, competence, physical activity, and health for adolescent females Tue 17 Mar 2020 14:12:10 AEDT ]]> A study of caregiver characteristics and carer burden when caring for people with cognitive impairment from a Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS) clinic in regional Australia Tue 17 Mar 2020 11:49:33 AEDT ]]> Sport and recreation spatial: Development of a national geographical information system for the sport and recreation sector Tue 13 Aug 2019 15:12:38 AEST ]]> A systematic review of the psychological and social benefits of participation in sport for adults : Informing development of a conceptual model of health through sport Tue 12 Dec 2017 16:16:53 AEDT ]]> Girls' transition from participation in a modified sport program to club sport competition - A study of longitudinal patterns and correlates Tue 06 Nov 2018 11:48:07 AEDT ]]> Demographic characteristics and type/frequency of physical activity participation in a large sample of 21,603 Australian people Tue 04 Jun 2019 11:39:01 AEST ]]> Pumping iron in Australia : Prevalence, trends and sociodemographic correlates of muscle strengthening activity participation from a national sample of 195,926 adults Tue 02 Apr 2019 12:11:14 AEDT ]]> Sources of practice knowledge among Australian fitness trainers /=61 years (OR, 2.15; 95% CI, 1.05-4.38) and 40-50 years (OR, 1.54; 95% CI, 1.02-2.31) were more likely to be classified as a user of high-quality sources. When compared to trainers working in large centres, those working in outdoor settings (OR, 1.81; 95% CI, 1.23-2.65) and medium centres (OR, 1.59; 95% CI, 1.12-2.29) were more likely to be classified as users of high-quality sources. Our findings suggest that efforts should be made to improve the quality of knowledge acquisition among Australian fitness trainers.]]> Tue 01 Aug 2017 15:24:56 AEST ]]> Pre-shift fluid intake : Effect on physiology, work and drinking during emergency wildfire fighting Thu 28 Mar 2019 15:31:53 AEDT ]]> Comparison of surface temperatures of different synthetic turf systems and natural grass: Have advances in synthetic turf technology made a difference Thu 24 Oct 2019 11:29:24 AEDT ]]> Assessment of decision-making performance and in-game physical exertion of Australian football umpires Thu 21 Mar 2019 11:08:46 AEDT ]]> Family support and ease of access link socio-economic status and sports club membership in adolescent girls : A mediation study Thu 20 Dec 2018 15:24:56 AEDT ]]> The effects of interval-exercise duration and intensity on oxygen consumption during treadmill running Thu 20 Dec 2018 11:11:02 AEDT ]]> Linking physical education with community sport and recreation : A program for adolescent girls Thu 09 Apr 2020 14:19:22 AEST ]]> Patterns of time use among regional and rural adolescent girls : Associations with correlates of physical activity and health-related quality of life Thu 05 Dec 2019 15:55:51 AEDT ]]> Socioecological factors potentially associated with participation in physical activity and sport : A longitudinal study of adolescent girls Thu 05 Dec 2019 15:51:53 AEDT ]]> Triple G (Girls Get Going): Design of an intervention to foster and promote sport and physical activity among adolescent girls Thu 05 Dec 2019 15:45:09 AEDT ]]> A population-based survey of knowledge of first aid for burns in New South Wales Mon 25 May 2020 15:17:38 AEST ]]> A cross-cultural study in the UK and Australia of pay expectations and entitlements : A case of vanishing differences? 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Mon 16 Jan 2017 18:07:33 AEDT ]]> Monitoring core body temperature in infantry soldiers and airfield defence guards Mon 16 Jan 2017 11:27:44 AEDT ]]> It's not just about competition! 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